My name is Santiago Chillari and I am a visual storyteller. Follow the timeline to see what I have done with my life so far.


My name is Santi and I am from Madrid, Spain. I have a background in Film and Journalism and I have been always inspired by the ability of arts and design to influence people and their environment. I enjoy designing spaces, creating experiences and bringing a bit of fantasy into reality. I believe mixing up disciplines and exploring new territories is where great design comes from. I like Drawing, painting and building but it didn't took me so long to figure out that my hand skills were not good enough for that. Making films is the best the way I found to express my creativity, and i have been working hard on it.

I am trained on the Filming Process, the Postproduction coordination, the editing and the coloring duties. I have experience working in different countries and for different networks such as ‪National Geographic,Travel Channel, ZDF, BBC or ARTE‬ I have also de‪veloped my skills as an Editor and a Colorist, working on external projects such as Feature Films, Documentary Films, Music clips or Theatre plays.

Great work for me is team, structure and constance. That is the best way to get to the magic! Magic for me is also simplicity and functionality, and I try to put a little bit of that when building a story. Please feel free to look at my resume, I hope you like my stories!

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